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As Bayou Boy is a 100% organic and natural product do I have to worry about bacterial or fungal contamination?

Bayou Boy Loose Substrate and Premium Reptile Mat are heat treated during production to kill all pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Microbiologic tests by an accredited veterinary diagnostic laboratory revealed the absence of all fungi and Gram negative pathogenic bacteria following heat treatment. Pathogenic Gram negative bacteria such as Salmonella, Citrobacter, E. coli, Proteus, Morganella, and […]

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What type of reptiles would benefit from having Bayou Boy substrate?

Bayou Boy loose bedding made from Kenaf core and the Premium Mat are great for all types of snakes and lizards that like to burrow or have a dry semi-subterranean life style. King snakes, milk snakes, rat snakes, boas and pythons as well as many species of skinks, tegus, geckos and iguanid lizards have all […]

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What advantages do Bayou Boy products have over synthetic substrates?

Bayou Boy products are 100% bio-based and are an attractive alternative to man-made synthetic materials. They are absorbent, odor destroying, non-abrasive, environmentally friendly, easily disposable products that present your reptile in a natural setting. The loose granular substrate is easily scoopable for removal of waste from the terrarium. The Premium Mat can easily be fashioned […]

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